30. mars – European Asylum Politics

**This event will be in English** 

There is little reason to believe that the refugee crisis from 2015 will not be repeated. The main question is whether the EU will have managed to make the necessary changes in asylum policy by that time. Migration will never stop; it is a constant phenomenon. The question is how best to regulate it. During the crisis in 2015, many European states chose to close their borders, instead of seeking collective solutions. The EU is now trying to find a common solution that all member states can agree on. How Europe will handle a new refugee crisis is thus still not clear. Is the goal of a common solution achievable?

The panel will consist of:

Karin Vaagland – Vaagland is a researcher at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Geneva. She recently handed in her PhD, titled «To harmonize or to externalize? EU decision-making in times of migration crises». As a PhD candidate she was part of the Fafo project MARE (European management of migration and refugees).

Özlem Gürakar-Skribeland – Gürakar-Skribeland is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Criminology and Sociology
of Law at the University of Oslo, and is currently working on the BEYOND-project on international refugee law. 

Grete Brochmann – Brochmann is a professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Geography at the University of Oslo. She has written several publications on international migration and the EU’s policy development on immigration.

Pål Nesse – Nesse is the current secretary-general of NOAS (Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers). He has previously been a spokesperson and special adviser for the NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council). He has a passion for the legal security of asylum seekers and refugees.

There is a limited number of places, places tend to disappear quickly, so remember to register if you are coming. Link for registration: https://app.rubic.no/Public/Events/5448

Welcome to an exciting and informative panel discussion on a current topic!