Bernhard Christoffer Caspari

Bernhard C. Caspari 

Security Advisor at Statsbygg and serves with the Norwegian Home Guard

PHOTO: Private

Bernhard Christoffer Caspari is a security advisor at Statsbygg, the Norwegian government’s buildings commissioner, property manager and developer. He has a master’s degree in societal safety and security from the University of Stavanger, where he wrote his thesis on Norway’s understanding of hybrid threats. He has a bachelor’s degree in international studies from University of Oslo, with a specialization in defense and security studies from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Before his studies he served in the Norwegian Armed Forces, and is now serving in the Norwegian Home Guards task force Varg. 

Caspari is currently writing a book chapter together with Vegard Nicolaysen, under the guidance of Njord Wegge at the Norwegian Defense University College. The book’s theme is security politics and military power in the Arctic, and their chapter is concerning how to defend Norway against hybrid threats. Furthermore Caspari has also been actively involved in the public discourse related to the risks associated with hybrid threats.