Bjørn Olav Knutsen

We are delighted to announce that Bjørn Olav Knutsen will speak at NorSec 2019.

Mr. Knutsen is an Associate Professor at Nord University, and a Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI).

At NorSec 2019 we welcome him to speak during the first session “NATOs International Role” under the headline “NATO’s role in the 21st Century”. Knutsen’s field of expertise lies within International Cooperation.

Kuntsen has published numerous works, both as a contributor and an author of research papers and books. Amongst his work we find; Er NATO en effektiv allianse? Om forholdet mellom kollektivt forsvar og internasjonale operasjoner, Internasjonal Politikk 2015 ;Volum 73.(3); Europe, the US and the Creation of a Multi-Layered NATO: Lessons from Afghanistan. I: Issues in EU and US Foreign Policy. Lexington Books 2011; Going deep in defence cooperation on the acquisition of new submarines. European Geostrategy 2015; Volume 7. (75).

Photo: Avisa Nord