Hilde Restad

Hilde is an Associate Professor of International Studies at Bjørknes University College. Her research interests cover American politics, U.S. foreign policy, American history and international relations. Her dissertation was on the concept of American exceptionalism understood as an identity, and its effect on history U.S. foreign policy traditions. This was further developed in her first book, AmericanFortsett å lese «Hilde Restad»

Sigrid Rege Gårdsvoll

Sigrid Rege Gårdsvoll is a communications advisor and educator. She is also a writer and podcaster with the website AmerikanskPolitikk.no, Norway’s only website dedicated to offering non-partisan, balanced and fact-based coverage of the state of American politics. She will be speaking during the first theme; the upcoming U.S. elections.   

Andreas Raspotnik

We are happy to announce that Andreas Raspotnik will be speaking at the Nordic Security Conference.  Andreas Raspotnik is a Senior Researcher at the High North Center for Business and Governance, Nord University in Bodø, Norway, where he currently manages the AlaskaNor project (www.alaskanor.com). He is also a Senior Fellow and Leadership Group member atFortsett å lese «Andreas Raspotnik»

Tove Gravdal

We are happy to announce that Tove Gravdal will play the role as a moderator at NorSec. Tove Gravdal is a freelance journalist and author. She worked for the weekly newspaperMorgenbladet from 2008 to 2019, mainly covering international affairs. She has also worked for the daily newspaper Aftenposten, based in Paris, New York and Oslo.Fortsett å lese «Tove Gravdal»

Njord Wegge

Njord Wegge works as an associate professor at the Norwegian Military Academy. In 2013 Wegge earned his doctorate about international politics in the Arctic region at the University in Tromsø. He has also been a visiting scholar at U.C. Berkeley USA the spring of 2009, and an Associate Professor II at the University in Tromsø 2016–2018. Wegge worked asFortsett å lese «Njord Wegge»