Cecilie Hellestveit

Cecilie Hellestveit, Researcher at the Norwegian Academy of International Law Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen Dr Cecilie Hellestveit is a lawyer and social scientist with a PhD in  international humanitarian law (IHL) from the University of Oslo. She has been associated with a number of research institutes in Norway (PRIO, SMR / UIO, NUPI, IKOS, ILPI) andFortsett å lese «Cecilie Hellestveit»

Chaima Bouhlel

Chaima Bouhlel, Civil Society Leader, Transparency Expert Photo: tedx Chaima Bouhlel joined Albawsala in 2014 to start and lead Marsad Baladia, an observatory that monitors all municipalities across the country. She was elected as president of Al Bawsala in October 2016. Starting from 2016, she started co-hosting a weekly radio show on the National Radio discussing public policy and public institutions’ performance. PriorFortsett å lese «Chaima Bouhlel»

Sverre Lodgaard

Sverre Lodgaard, Senior Research Fellow and former Director of NUPI PHOTO: NUPI Sverre Lodgaard’s expert fields are geopolitics, the Middle East, Iranian foreign policy, nuclear arms control and disarmament, the nuclear programmes of Iran and North Korea. Sverre Lodgaard (b. 1945) is Senior Research Fellow and former Director (1997-2007) of the Norwegian Institute of InternationalFortsett å lese «Sverre Lodgaard»

Kate Hansen Bundt

Kate Hansen Bundt, Secretary General of the Norwegian Atlantic Committee Photo: Nac She is a political scientist and foreign policy analyst with particular interest in German, European and transatlantic security and strategy. She is chair of the board at NUPI (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs), a board member of NOREF (Norwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution),Fortsett å lese «Kate Hansen Bundt»