Cecilie Hellestveit

Cecilie Hellestveit, Researcher at the Norwegian Academy of International Law

Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen

Dr Cecilie Hellestveit is a lawyer and social scientist with a PhD in  international humanitarian law (IHL) from the University of Oslo. She has been associated with a number of research institutes in Norway (PRIO, SMR / UIO, NUPI, IKOS, ILPI) and abroad (including the Max-Planck Institute for the Supreme Court of Recht und Völkerrecht in Heidelberg, the Atlantic Council in Washington, Faculty of Law at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Institute of Applied Ethics in Saarbrucken). Hellestveit researches and teaches in the field of international law, use of force, and armed conflicts.

She has been a member of the Immigration Commission (including Stornemnd), REK- Helse Sørøst, and board member of the Refugee Council. She has had monthly foreign policy columns in a number of Norwegian newspapers, including Bergens Tidende, Morgenbladet (2006-2015), and Dagens Næringsliv. She recently published a book on Syria (A great war in a small world). Hellestveit is also a member of the Council on Ethics for the Government Pension Fund Global. (http://intlaw.no/en/people/)