Chaima Bouhlel

Chaima Bouhlel, Civil Society Leader, Transparency Expert

Photo: tedx

Chaima Bouhlel joined Albawsala in 2014 to start and lead Marsad Baladia, an observatory that monitors all municipalities across the country. She was elected as president of Al Bawsala in October 2016.

Starting from 2016, she started co-hosting a weekly radio show on the National Radio discussing public policy and public institutions’ performance.

Prior to joining the Albawsala team, Chaima worked in the micro finance sector, and in building the capacity of journalists in post-revolutionary Tunisia.

Chaima obtained her B.A. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Governmental Studies, from Harvard University. During her time on campus, she was president of the Society of Arab Students, and co-organized the Harvard Arab Weekend in 2011, the biggest pan-Arab conference in North America. Chaima returned to Tunisia immediately after graduating in December 2011. (From