Dr. Glen Segell

We are happy to announce that Dr. Glen Segell will speak at NorSec 2019.

Dr. Segell specialises in civil-military relations and strategic communications, and is a Fellow at the Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies at the University of Haifa. At NorSec we welcome him to speak during the second session “Challenges in international cooperation” under the headline “NATO withdrawing from Africa – Is Russia replacing NATO as a partner on the continent?”. 

Dr. Glen Segell was made a Fellow Member of the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom (2002) and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (2003) and Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (2005). He holds a BA, MA, NCQ, NCFE, MBA, and PhD having been educated at Trinity College, King’s College, Canterbury University, Hebrew University, and University of Witwatersrand. His PhD dissertation is on European defence industries. 

His list of publications includes; (2017) Intelligence cooperation between the UK and the EU: will Brexit make a difference?; (2018) Iran at the Crossroads; (2018) Wither the Iran protests 2017-18.