Guri Bang

We are pleased to announce that Guri Bang, Research Director at CICERO, will be speaking at this year’s Nordic Security conference.

Guri Bang is a political scientist specialising on international climate negotiations. Her expertise lies within the the field of international climate- and energy policy, where she studies decision making- and cooperation processes at different governance levels (international, national and sub-national) whilst using various research methods (qualitative case studies and comparative method). Empirically, Bang’s research experience covers governance challenges for Norway and key countries in international climate- and energy cooperation, more specifically the political feasibility of energy system transitions in the United States, Germany and the UK. She has published extensively on climate- and energy policy, comparative climate policy, and international climate negotiations in high-ranking journals and with well-renowned publishers. Bang has acted as project leader for numerous research projects, participated in research collaboration both nationally and internationally, and is an experienced communicator of research findings.