Ingrid Handeland

Ingrid Handeland

Researcher at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy

Photo: Jin Sigve Mæland

Ingrid Handeland is Researcher at the Section for Naval Power and Naval Command at FHS / Naval Academy.

She has a master’s degree in law from the University of Bergen (UiB) from 2019 with specialization in the coastal state’s jurisdiction over warships in innocent transit according to the rules of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Handeland otherwise specializes in Chinese law from Peking University in Beijing, in the spring of 2018, with practice in a Chinese law firm. She was a student intern at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing in the field of politics, culture and communication in the autumn of 2018.

At the Naval Academy, she researches development trends in the law of the sea, with special emphasis on China, the High North and other central areas where Norwegian warships operate.