Jakub M. Godzimirski

We are happy to announce that Jakub M. Godzimirski will speak at NorSec 2019.

Mr. Godzimirski is a Research Professor at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). For the past twenty years Jakub Godzimirski has been working on Russian foreign and security policy issues at NUPI. Additionally he has worked on European policy and its impact on developments in Central and Eastern Europe, including relations with Russia.

At NorSec we welcome him to speak during the second session “Challenges in international cooperation” under the headline “NATO and Russia – 70 years of competitive relations?”.

His list of publications includes; (2019) Introduction: The EU and the Changing (Geo)Politics of Energy in Europe. International Political Economy Series; (2018) The risks of being an ally. NUPI Policy Brief; (2018) Changing representations of Poles in Norway: what can this mean for the future or Polish diaspora?. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Oslo, November 2014. Fotografier av ansatte i Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt (NUPI). Foto: Christopher Olsson.