Pavel Baev

Pavel Baev, Research Professor at The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Photo: prio

Pavel Baev is a Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). He has worked on Russian foreign and security policy since the 1980s and has researched areas from the Arctic to the Caucasus and Central Asia. Since 2014, his work has focused on Russia’s policies towards the Middle East from security and energy perspectives, most recently on Russian intervention in Syria. He is affiliated with PRIO’s Middle East Centre (P-MEC) as well as holding a non-resident fellowship at the Brookings Institute in Washington and at the Institut Francais des Relations Internationales (IFRI).

Some of his publications: Baev, Pavel K. (2015) Russia as Opportunist or Spoiler in the Middle East?The International Spectator: Italian Journal of International Affairs 50(2): 8–21.