Pinar Tank

Pinar Tank, Senior Researcher at The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Photo: prio

Pinar Tank is a Senior Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). She is an area studies scholar who has worked on Turkish domestic and foreign policies for the past twenty years. She is currently affiliated with PRIO’s Middle East Centre (P-MEC). Her doctoral work from 2009 examined civil-military relations in Turkey in light of the country’s EU candidacy. Since 2002, Tank has focused increasingly towards the Middle East and has published research on Turkey’s regional policies with an emphasis on the Kurdish issue, as well as the country’s role as a rising middle power. Her most recent project has been a study Turkey’s turn eastwards in light of the Syrian civil war.

Pinar Tank current research focuses broadly on Turkey’s domestic and foreign policies with a particular emphasis on the Middle East. In the realm of foreign policy, this includes Turkey’s regional role, its geopolitical shifts as well as its international humanitarian outreach. In the domestic arena, her research has been related to the issues of democratisation, Kurdish-Turkish relations, gender, and political Islam. In addtion, Tank maintains her interest in civil-military relations in transitional democracies.

A related secondary theme using Turkey as a case is the role of rising powers in peacebuilding and humanitarianism. (

Some of her publications: Tank, Pinar (2020) The Shifting Turkish Agenda in Syria’s Evolving Conflict: Understanding the Drivers of Turkey’s Policy in SyriaPRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.